I FIND THAT IT’S IMPORTANT TO REFLECT ON THE THINGS THAT INSPIRE US. Whether it’s an inspirational person, place, or thing, when consciously acknowledging our inspirations, we can further guide ourselves to excel in pursuing our passions. One of my main passions is interior design. I will often contemplate the interior designs which I have found most interesting, impressive, or innovative when I am approaching a new project. Although there are so many talented designers in this industry, I want to talk about one in particular. One who not only creates interesting, impressive, and innovative designs, but also beautiful and timeless masterpieces: Philippe Starck. Philippe Starck, an accomplish


IN ONE OF MY MOST RECENT INTERVIEWS, I WAS ASKED THE INTERESTING QUESTION: WHAT HOTEL DESIGN HAS INSPIRED ME MOST? As a huge fan of Philippe Starck and his gorgeous designs at the Delano in Miami Beach and the Paramount and Royalton in NYC, I was tempted to choose of those. However, I followed my passion for the exotic and, instead, went with the Hotel De La Paix in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Hotel De La Paix, along with its unsurpassed beauty, is full of rich culture and history. Siem Reap is home to the 14th century Angkor Wat Temple complex, one of the world’s oldest and most gorgeous ancient Buddhist heritage sites. To celebrate this magnificent and historical site, Hotel De La Paix was design