Designing North Tampa’s Trendiest Restaurant

As Candy DeBartolo’s restaurant The Sacred Pepper has taken off, quite successfully I may add, I feel extreme happiness for her as well as for my team that worked on designing this unique space. The design process was riveting, knowing that this design would not only cater to one person or one family, but to the thousands of people who enter this establishment. Making sure to create Candy’s vision as well as a space that would accommodate the 202 guests while making them feel in a trendy yet comfortable atmosphere, definitely took lots of planning and collaboration, but in the end, the whole process was an amazing experience and definitely worth the hard work. Given the healthy budget, desig

My Beginnings: Savannah College of Art & Design

As an interior design graduate of Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), I feel it’s only right to give recognition to the place that prepared for this profession - and where I highly recommend for anyone looking to further their education in the field of art or design. The gorgeous campus of SCAD lies in the heart of Savannah, Georgia, where it's beautifully preserved buildings showcase a classic and historical design. With various Bachelor and Masters programs catered to fine arts, architecture, teaching, and urban design, this private school provides students a place to sink their teeth into the multi-faceted world of art and design, leaving no shortage of artistic creativity. SCAD was

Encounter Gorgeous Designs at These Showrooms

Design centers and showrooms are becoming more and more accessible to homeowners. Sometimes the homeowner can attend openly, such as Furnitureland South in High Point, North Carolina. Other times, the public is only welcome when escorted by a home design professional. Traditionally only for people in the trade - architecture, interior design, etc. - design centers and showrooms may still feel a bit foreign to the average homeowner. Although it is still a place for professionals, it is also an experience worth having if you are looking to update your home’s interior design. With perfectly set up rooms containing the most beautiful, high-quality furnishings, design centers have so much to of