8 Ways To Embellish Your Interior Using Dark Accents

We all want our home’s to have that wow-factor; a piece that speaks to our personality while also complementing the interior and architecture of the space. While many people turn to bright, vibrant accents (myself included), incorporating darker shades to your home’s accents and accessories is not only challenging but also unique. Here are a few ways to add dark, moody, and mysteriously stunning accents to your home: Bedrooms While this bedroom has plenty of dark features, the real showstopper is the sleek shine of the black chair - which beautifully brings out the darker shades in the artwork and the rich hardwood floors. Although a simple touch, without the dark hued chair, the earthtone c

Why I’m Thrilled “Greenery” Is Pantone’s Color Of The Year 2017

This month, Pantone officially announced its Color of the Year as “Greenery” - a strikingly vibrant and zesty hue of green. As someone who lives in Tampa, where luscious green palm trees create a backdrop to both the metropolitan area and the beaches, this nature-infused color could not be a more perfect, versatile choice for interior design. From chic urban to rustic farmhouse designs, greenery has a place has proven to have a place in everyone’s heart. To celebrate 2017’s Color of the Year and the symbolism it brings along with it - balance, vitality, growth, progress, and so much more - I have gathered some of my favorite ways to integrate this feisty yet calming color into your home this