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Last week the team at revealed some of the High Point Market Style Spotters favorite new pieces set to debut this fall and making my wish list for Market stops just that much longer! You can head over hereto their Pinterest Board to see who picked what, and see my faves of the faves below.

Stanley – Heritage Collection

I cannot wait to see this fabulous piece in person. Not only is it the perfect piece for a current project, the details speak to me. Unique styling and spade shaped handles make it distinctive and perfectly styled, with that subtle nod to history. LOVE!

Brabbu Console

Sneak preview = Gasp out loud. Just obsessed with this console by Brabbu, I already have the perfect location in mind. Sleek design, the intersection of metal and wood, and a touch of organic beauty. This one makes you stop and say WOW!

Huppe dining table

You can see which projects are driving my vision this market with this stunning design from Huppe. I love the tactile juxtapositions in this table. Is it sleek and still organic, or is it cool and glassy? Either way, this table needs a home!

Spiky and delicious. By City Collection Furniture.

There’s something to be said for accessories that look wildly dangerous and gilded with perfection.

Yes please!

G Romano Inc. Blue Chair

Something about the color of this chair catches my eye every time I come back to this page.

My theory, it’s not just the room setting that makes these chairs POP, but the subtle nuance of the wingback shape, contrasted by the simple line of the arms and legs. One thing is for sure the Canadian manufacturers have a strong showing this year.

I’ll be heading to market in a few weeks to find all that’s new and sparkling. Stay tuned to our Instagram and Twitterfor live Market updates on what’s new and next in store.

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