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My Beginnings: Savannah College of Art & Design

As an interior design graduate of Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), I feel it’s only right to give recognition to the place that prepared for this profession - and where I highly recommend for anyone looking to further their education in the field of art or design.

The gorgeous campus of SCAD lies in the heart of Savannah, Georgia, where it's beautifully preserved buildings showcase a classic and historical design. With various Bachelor and Masters programs catered to fine arts, architecture, teaching, and urban design, this private school provides students a place to sink their teeth into the multi-faceted world of art and design, leaving no shortage of artistic creativity.

SCAD was not only a school where I knew I would learn the ins-and-outs of interior design, but it was also an environment that encouraged critical thinking, communicating and collaborating with others, and exploring new and old ideas - synthesizing past, present, and future elements of interior design. I discovered a great passion for design beyond the aesthetic and organizational structures, but also for the ability to incorporate architecture, history, technology, and systems thinking all in one place.

Now, my experience with creative insights didn’t only come from the interior design program, as I was also captivated by the unconventional forms of art I was able to see and experience while at SCAD. For example, each year SCAD hosts a sidewalk art festival where, among many activities, is a chalk drawing competition. You wouldn’t believe the works of art showcased at this event; it is extremely fulfilling to know I am a part of such a strong community.

Another SCAD event which I loved was the Sand Arts Festival, held at a gorgeous beach on Tybee Island. The SCAD community, as well as other members of the Savannah community, would gather together and watch in amazement as the masterpieces were created out of sand. Whether we were watching the creation of a sand sculpture, sand castle, or wind sculpture, the event never failed to impress.

As for classmates, people from all over would come to attend this artist’s haven. Some of the most creative thinkers I’ve met were with me at SCAD, and I’ll never forget the amazing experience I was given by attending a school with such thriving innovators. To paint a clearer picture of the broad spectrum of art and design programs available, and where they can take you career wise, I thought it would be helpful to name a few SCAD alumni that have gone off and done some amazing, well-known work.

SCAD graduate Mir Zafar Ali, who attended the school for visual effects, went off and became the visual effects specialist and artists for The Day After Tomorrow, X-Men, The Incredible Hulk, among other big-time movies. Danny Swain, also known as danny!, who as a student won an MTV award, has become a well-known recording artist and rapper, releasing numerous studio albums and working with some of today’s major record companies. Last but not least, the most notable alumnus from SCAD might be India.Arie. India.Arie received a scholarship to SCAD with the purpose of studying metal and jewelry design and art history, however amidst her time at school, her love for playing the guitar and songwriting overthrew her original plan. She found her true passion at SCAD and is now one of America’s most well-known, four-time Grammy award-winning singer-songwriters.

Savannah College of Art & Design has granted me with one of the best gifts imaginable, a well-rounded education. I know there are plenty of art and design universities out there, and although I highly suggest looking into SCAD, I also highly recommend finding a way to follow your passion, no matter what design school that takes you too. Finding a career you look forward to every day is the best gift you can give yourself, finding the right educational institute will provide you with the drive, ambition, and motivation to keep going.

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