• Larry Witt

How To Create A Polished Interior

Everyone wants their home to look well put together. Some hire designers for that while others turn to user-friendly DIY sites, whatever route one chooses, the overall goal is to give a home a clean style that looks pristine and polished.

Although I find designers invaluable to the process, especially when starting from scratch - for those of you who are not looking to renovate or hire a designer, I’ve gathered some of my top 5 tips on how to give your home that polished designer look!

Don’t Forget About Your Entryway

Entryways are vital to a polished looking home. It is the first room you and your guests see. Spending a bit of time on your entryway, no matter how big or small, casual or formal, you will not regret putting forth effort to beautify this area. There’s nothing quite like welcoming yourself home with a beautiful entrance.

Embrace Texture With Textiles

This tip is a bit vague as textiles cover such a vast part of home decor, however some of my go-to textiles include area rugs, wallcoverings, and window treatments. Layering throw pillows and blankets will also offer an extra polished look to your sofa or bedding, but don’t focus on making everything match to a T. A mixture of fabrics will look more thought-out; such as a gorgeous velvet chair mixed in with your more contemporary pieces.

Invest In Unique Lighting

Lighting can seriously make or break a design. I always focus on a room’s lighting, as the right style and brightness will complete a room’s aesthetic. You don’t need to go too extravagant, but adding one extraordinary piece of lighting to each room will really pull the whole look together. Remember, lighting is important in every room - bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and so forth.

Always Frame Your Artwork

Artwork is one of the more personal elements of a home’s design. And, although we all have different tastes, all art is beautiful. But, one very quick way to do your artwork injustice is by not framing it. Whether your art collection is worth more than your home or less than your entire wardrobe, framing is what will take all kinds of art (including your beloved vintage posters) from a decor piece to an art piece.

Give Everything A “Place”

Now, if you’re going to take away one tip from this, this is the one. Your plush textiles, artisanal lighting, and curated artwork won’t be able to fully shine unless your home is clean and organized! Organization can be hard, but there are so many ways to add in extra storage.

Display shelves, storage ottomans, buffet chests, and storage baskets are all common home furnishings and can really do wonders for your home’s aesthetic and your organization. For an extra bonus of a polished interior, mount some shelves outside for your smaller plants - this will prove that you really do have a place for everything.

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