• Larry Witt

Designing A Creative Contemporary Home

There’s so much possibility when it comes to designing a contemporary styled home. With design styles focused much more on personalization these days, it’s opened up more ways for individuals to express themselves through the art of interior design. While there are some basic rules to today’s contemporary styles, it’s more or less based on what the homeowner makes of these rules -- a subjective interpretation.

The overarching fundamentals of contemporary interiors are comprised of a neutral colored foundation with color block accents and an emphasis on the architectural details, such as high ceilings and large full-length windows. Decorative accents of sculptures, artwork, and geometric patterns, are often showcased on their own. Clutter is avoided and negative space is utilized much more.

As for furniture and decor, clean modern lines, soft curves, and natural textures are ideal. The goal is to create a welcoming home that avoids clutter and unnecessary ornamentation. This often means resisting gallery walls, tabletops covered in photos and/or decor, frilly textiles, and bulky tables, sofas, and chairs.

The status quo of contemporary design can be taken too literally sometimes, which is what I try to avoid when working with my clients. When it comes to designing your home, following the rules too closely will result in an interior that doesn’t feel right. If you’re able to take the foundation of contemporary - clean lines, uncluttered, bold accents - while also following your own design instincts, your home will be much more interesting. So, now that you have the overall theme of contemporary, here are a few design tricks I use with clients that still bring out personality:

Bold Accents & Artwork

A bold statement pieces could be colorful, monochromatic, three dimensional, or something representing nature. Less is more is the basic attitudes towards today’s contemporary style, which is why larger and bolder accents really help give the design a bit of oomph.

In this Beverly Hills home we spread out the accent pieces throughout the home, incorporating statement lighting, sculptures, artwork, and textiles. Since these accents are meant to stand alone, bolder pieces are going to work best as they’ll have the most powerful effect.

Bright & Open Layout

Whether you have a large or small home, natural light and an open feel will give it an impressive contemporary look. Glass and acrylic furnishings usually work really well, as the transparency promotes a clutter-free minimalist style. Other elements that help keep your home bright and spacious are slim and tailored furniture, flat panel cabinets, simply designed hardware, and of course lots of opportunity for natural light.

A general rule I used in this Beverly Hills home was to keep the overall design very understated, from the tables and chairs to the countertops and cabinets, and allowed the bold accents to do the talking.

Texture And Pattern

With bold decor and clutter-free design, adding in texture, pattern, and lighting is when the home really starts to take on a personality of its own. The tailored furniture, clean lined casegoods, and lack of small decor is the foundation we need to begin layering texture and pattern. Geometric shapes are the most common prints used in contemporary homes, but the textile type and color is up to you!

Area rugs, throw pillows, window treatments, and wallpaper are some of the most common ways to add in texture and pattern. How I see it is, if the foundation of the design is neutral and clean then try accents out utilizing different textiles throughout the home, from bedding to wallpaper. Once you find the scale and pattern you like to use, it will be easier to find complementary patterns/textures to add.

Simply Soothing Bath Design

With the rest of the home fairly colorful and bright, it is always safe to balance that out with a tranquil bathroom design. Neutral sandy colors and natural stone accents are a great choice for the master bathroom. This design is bare with minimal accessories and decor. The simplicity helps soothe the mind, allowing the person to completely relax and unwind.

While the large amount of neutrals are perfect for the largest bathroom, when it comes to the smaller one, I made sure to add in some color. Cool colors work especially well in contemporary bathrooms as they still represent the beauty of nature while offering a refreshing and clean feel. We selected a sea green color, which represented the gorgeous waterfront and added a unique touch through the tile backsplash.

Don’t be afraid to be playful with your contemporary styled home -- the more uniquely “you” your accents are and the more original your foundation pieces are, the more personality the home will have. If you need some guidance or want a full-service design team to help, we provide luxury design services not just in our Tampa base market but across the country and into the Caribbean. Give us a call today! 813-831-0949

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