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Crespo Design Group is a full-service interior design firm headquartered in Tampa with a satellite office in Los Angeles. Enrique Crespo and his team of experienced design professionals work tirelessly and enthusiastically to create spectacular, one-of-a-kind spaces. Designing everything from the perfect entertainment home to a vacation home retreat, CDG takes care of every detail to ensure that the results exceed your dreams and the process is smoother than you hoped.  

The CDG approach is client-based. Our aim is to design spaces that celebrate your style and lifestyle. We excel at transforming interiors into functional artistic spaces where you feel energized, inspired and entirely at home.  

Many clients take advantage of our turnkey interior services, where every last detail is already arranged in the home and organized before you walk in. From armoires to end tables, from bed sheets to toothbrushes, it’s all taken care of. The comfort, beauty and pleasure start the minute you move in. 


Interior Designer Tampa, Los Angeles | Crespo Design Group | Living Room

Upscale design is when you walk into a space and there is a sense of harmony, but also of excitement. It’s when everything in the room is exactly where it needs to be. When the lighting perfectly accentuates a favorite art piece. A room is oriented for a stunning view of the bay. Or when the morning light is captured in the space where a cup of coffee will be shared. 

Good design sets a tone and makes a statement. It makes focal points happen. And it ensures everything works effortlessly together in the service of the space. Most of all, good design brings every element together to make your space feel luxuriously and authentically you. 
At Crespo Design Group, the dynamic interplay between big vision and attention to detail is our signature approach to every project. Every finish, piece of furniture, accessory and accent is curated for its ability to bring life into a space and peace into your life.




Interior Designer Tampa Florida, Los Angeles | Crespo Design Group | Bedroom Design


Getting the look and feel you desire.

At Crespo Design Group, we spend time getting to know our clients in their homes. We pay attention to their likes and dislikes. We don’t guess, we listen and take notes on their lifestyle goals. Our collaborative process is intentional, helping us produce a unique design plan that reflects their needs and wants.

We find success when we have accurately captured the style and spirit of each client. When their space exceeds their expectations.




We are fortunate and grateful for our clients. They are entrepreneurs, corporate CEOs and executives, business owners, investors, doctors, attorneys and developers. What they all have in common is their passion for good design and their desire to enjoy the lifestyle they have worked hard to achieve.    
Clients of Crespo Design Group live in homes or signature properties in the most desirable neighborhoods in Florida and Los Angeles. They welcome the opportunity to work with Enrique Crespo and his team of designers and seek a white glove experience. They enjoy communicating their vision and trust that Crespo Design Group will orchestrate and deliver great design.  

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