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In one month, the 31st Annual Interior Design Hall of Fame Awards Gala will be held at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City to celebrate the 2015 inductees.

Per Interior Design, “this year’s inductees are John Cetra and Nancy J. Ruddy of CetraRuddy; Peter Ippolito and Gunter Fleitz of Ippolito Fleitz Group—Identity Architects; Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander of Studio O+A; and Roger P. Thomas of Wynn Design and Development.”

“The Hall of Fame honors architects, interior designers, and industry luminaries whose talent, vision, and dedication contribute to the progression of the positive impact of design everywhere,” says Allen, “This year we explore collaboration in its most intimate form—partnership—business and creative soul mates whose collective work enhances the lives of their clients, our community, and our design world.”

Impact of Tampa’s Upscale Residential Properties

Interior design in organic, subjective and influential. Lines that might spring from France or Paris or New York might find their way into high-end homes on the beaches of Miami, Tampa and Sarasota within a matter of days or weeks.

Luxury interior designers are always searching for new trends, new colors and new inspirations to showcase for their clientele or incorporate into a plan.

We watch what the industry leaders are doing just as we look at innovate designs from our ‘design heroes’ or upstarts.

This worldwide influence trickles down, up and sideways, intersecting and colliding together to create fabulous interiors that impress, excite and delight.

Like the newly named Benjamin Moore color for 2016 or the discovery of a new boutique with one-of-a-kind furniture, Tampa home decorators always keep their pulse on ‘the latest’ industry news.

Our Travels, Impacting Tampa Interior Decor

Lately, we’ve been traveling — Miami, New York, Dallas and Los Angeles — visiting wonderful shops and design centers — like the Pacific Design Center, the Miami Design District and Emily Summers Studio 54 and Jean De Merry.

Nothing replaces the ability to wander through these locations and view the furniture, furnishings and accessories up close. Speaking with other designers and people who work within the showrooms is immensely valuable as it allows us to fully appreciate how a sofa, centerpiece or piece of art might become the focal point for a home in Hyde Park or a beach house on Longboat Key that’s undergoing an interior makeover.

How can Crespo Design Group assist you with interior design?

Remember – every interior design project is as important to us as it is to you. Our customized and interior design services serve to fulfill your exact specifications.

To contact Crespo Design Group, please reach our office at 813-837-8282 or email us here.

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