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How would you describe the overall look that you want to give your home?

It’s an important question and one that helps ‘set the tone’ and give direction to the relationship between you and your designer.

While a designer is accustomed to talking about certain styles of decorating — and knows exactly what those terms mean — it’s often a little harder for the client to describe the look or style they’re going for.

We might say casual or contemporary or modern or traditional. A client might use those words too, but they also may describe the decor they’re seeking as coastal, airy, ‘the Miami Beach, look, super Italian, Victorian or a dozen other descriptive words.

The most important thing is to…talk through it

Your designer is trying to establish a mental picture — trying to pull information out of your mind so they can deliver exactly.

This can be done by talking about your personal style and what you’d like to see in your home.

And equally as important, is ‘showing’ your designer what you like

As you begin thinking about an interior makeover for you home, here are some tips that will help you better describe ‘the look’ you want.

Remember — words are good — but image and pictures take it to another level.

Magazines are still useful

Start collecting images from magazines — Architectural Digest, Florida Design, Ocean Drive, Vanity Fair — anywhere that you see something you like.

Houzz is — by far — the #1 place for defining your interior design style

Create an account on and begin saving images in Ideabooks (they’re like an online scrapbook).

For someone who is new to using Houzz to keep track of decorating styles, images of rooms and interior designers that you like, here’s a quick guide: How To Create and Use Ideabooks.

Save images from your favorite interior design websites

Save images from websites — some good ones to look at are El Decor, Veranda, Design Milk and dozens of others.

Google search is your friend

Do Google ‘image searches’ for styles you like — type ‘modern interior design’ into Google for example and see what comes up — it will lead you to a ton of different websites to peruse.

Instagram is…awesome…

Follow interior designers, design shops, decorating experts, style fans and more on Instagram — you’d be amazed at how much is out there — use #interiordesign (7mm images) #interiors (2.4mm images) #interiorstyling (300m image) # — also you can follow me here or search ‘elcrespo’ to find me.

Get out and visit design shops

Visit design centers and boutiques — like the Miami Design District for those of in you Florida — this will lead you to different designers, boutiques, furniture designers and decor/furnishing shops.

Look at your friends homes

Ask friends and acquaintances if you can take photos of their homes (assuming you like a certain look or style they’ve done).

Having in-depth conversations and sharing images with your designer is perhaps the quickest and easiest way for you to relate what you like (and don’t like) about interiors, furnishings, fabrics, window treatments and more. Ready to start?

How can Crespo Design Group assist you with interior design?

Remember – every interior design project is as important to us as it is to you. Our customized and interior design services serve to fulfill your exact specifications.

To contact Crespo Design Group, please reach our office at 813-837-8282 or email us here.

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