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Whether you’re redesigning a home you’ve lived in for years or are customizing the interior of a brand new home, you may be looking for help from an interior designer or firm.

And whether you’re in a 7,000 square foot mansion at Lake Nona in Orlando or a 3,500 square foot bungalow off Bayshore Boulevard in Hyde Park in Tampa, the design approach will be the same.

So, where do you begin?

Well, if you’ve ever walked into a room in your home and wondered how to turn it into something “like you see in design magazines,” then you probably understand that you’ll need to establish a relationship with a designer.

An interior designer — like the team at Crespo Design Group Group — can work closely with you on a design project from the very start to the the final “reveal.”

Your relationship with your designer begins with initial conversations over the telephone, over lunch or over the phone. From those conversations, the designer will begin to understand your personal style, your likes/dislikes and the “overall look” you’re trying to achieve within your home — modern, coastal, contemporary…etc.

Upscale designers offer turn-key services

That means your designer can manage all aspects of a design or redesign. That includes managing the the selection of furniture, furnishings, fabrics, color palettes and much more. It also means they’ll be there to direct, coordinate and manage “third-party vendors” like custom cabinet makers, flooring specialists, custom lighting installers — really anyone who might be finalizing the “detail work” that turns ordinary into extraordinary.

Turn-key interior design services are what will separate a decorator from a designer. But more importantly, having someone manage all of the details for you allows you to focus on family, your work, travel, etc. and not be concerned with the “concert of details” that is takes to create the design you want.

Naturally, your input is key and projects work smoothly when there is good communication between client and designer.

Do you have more questions for an interior designer?

Remember – every interior design project is as important to us as it is to you. Our customized and interior design services serve to fulfill your exact specifications.

This post was designed not to answer all of your questions, but to help guide you through the initial process of choosing a Tampa interior designer.

To contact Crespo Design Group, please reach our office at 813-837-8282 or email us here.

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