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Whether it’s an inspirational person, place, or thing, when consciously acknowledging our inspirations, we can further guide ourselves to excel in pursuing our passions.

One of my main passions is interior design. I will often contemplate the interior designs which I have found most interesting, impressive, or innovative when I am approaching a new project.

Although there are so many talented designers in this industry, I want to talk about one in particular. One who not only creates interesting, impressive, and innovative designs, but also beautiful and timeless masterpieces: Philippe Starck.

Philippe Starck, an accomplished French interior designer, is probably best known for his hotel designs, but he also designs restaurants, furniture, and much more – his experience in design is quite extensive.

His designs are so beautiful yet are comprised of a combination of elements that most designers might shy away from. One example is this lobby, where most of the furniture and decor are of a whimsical silver color – except for the traditional, leather sofas.

Starck’s designs are often dramatic and push the limits of design. However, he is a master at creating interiors that become an experience not likely to be forgotten anytime soon.

The renowned designer has made quite a name for himself across the globe, and his designs can be found in countries such as United Kingdom, France, Italy, and even Argentina. However, three of my favorite Starck designs can be found right here on the East Coast.


Larger than life pillars combined with the sheer, white drapes make this hallway timeless. The interior design is “simple,” yet speaks volumes with the high ceilings and the architectural elements that complement it, making anyone who stands in here feel like a king or queen.

The dining room at Delano is a work of art. The extravagant candles and chandelier as well as the textured, velvet seating come together to create a room of stunning beauty. Usually, one might think the decor and texture might become too heavy, but as you can see this room is as elegant and graceful as ever.


The Hudson Hotel lobby is an enchanting place, filled with gorgeous green plants that cover the walls and ceiling. Although the integration of plants is becoming more and more popular, I haven’t seen anything, in that respect, as spectacular and beautiful as this.

The library bar at The Hudson is also a classic sight to be seen. With gorgeous, high-quality woodwork and elegant light fixtures, it’s a place of pure luxury.


A lounge area with lavish textures and various style elements all engaging with one another. A blend of traditional, modern, rustic, and contemporary furniture and decor create a room full of character and exquisite colors, all the while making sure no piece clashes with the overall look. Starck is able to unify different design styles, a vision that, for some, may seem risky, but for Starck is natural and even offers a sophisticated fluidity to the space.

The Paramount lobby may first seem as though a traditional design, with its leather furniture and dark wood features. However, the design is perfectly suited with well thought-out accessories and decor. The wooden sculptural chandeliers, patterned wall art, green plants, colorful flowers, and tree branch decor, as well as the diverse seating arrangements, don’t commit this design to just one style. There are a mix and match of design elements here, but the space is so well accessorized and the details, including the lighting, so meticulous that this lounge comes together as an interesting but cohesive room.

Inspiration doesn’t need to lead to imitation; it should be used as a means of motivation and stimulation of new ideas. I enjoy and follow Philippe Starck’s work even knowing that my designs have a different twist on them. What I am lucky to take away from Starck’s design philosophy is to think outside of the box, to keep my passion for design alive, and not to be afraid to challenge the status quo.

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