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I have to confess, I was totally obsessed with antlers this year at the Spring Market, and to fuel the obsession they were everywhere. So much so, that I started obsessing about where all of these antlers were coming from. I had to know more. Happily I discovered that Deer antlers are among the fastest growing tissues known to man, and that they naturally shed them once a year – Phew!

Horns, on the other hand, are permanent fixtures. Now that we know that, I can share the organic, glamorous and intriguing antler and faux finds from High Point this year.

Our design team loved the organic, yet modern artistry on display at High Point market this year, with many of our favorite vendors.

There are so many great options for using antlers and faux horn in design. Wall installations, objects d’art, sculpture and centerpieces. Lamps and furniture. Door handles and sconces. Here are a few of our favorites.

We love the design of these lamp bases. Using a collection of antlers paired with a sleek charcoal shade, these lamps would be a stunning accessory for a transitional or contemporary design incorporating organic elements.

The bone like structure of the base has a sculptural aesthetic. Lamp base as art. LOVE!

Of course with Acrylic and Lucite as trending materials in design right now, across the board, we are finding interpretations of antler style everywhere. The mixture of these natural antlers and acrylic versions, with a touch of color, are stunning arranged as a centerpiece or as a dramatic wall installation.

We are also seeing them as hangers. Or in the fabulous work of Antler & Co. using antlers as shelving units in their own right. Brilliant!

Around the office, we are loving the idea of these glam, but modern, metal trophy skulls from the always fabulous Regina Andrew collection. But for sure the most unusual interpretation of the year was these recycled bicycle components, with an incarnation as antlers.

We ordered some great pieces from Spring Market this year, especially faux horns as handles and hardware. Can’t wait to see them in clients’ homes.

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