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Inspiration from the World’s Best Designers

Since my last blog about Philippe Starck, I continue to think about other influencers who have affected my insight into the design world. While I revisit some of their work, I instantly feel nostalgic, as I remember conceptualizing their artistic creations and always taking away a new perspective. So, I invite you to get to know these creative, innovative, and worldly designers and (two) furniture lines, and I hope you see their magnificent talent just as much as I do.

Patricia Urquiola

Spanish interior designer Patricia Urquiola is one of those rare gems - a true design genius - who consistently creates beautiful spaces with extraordinary use of shapes, colors, and layering.

Patricia’s design style is extremely versatile and flexible. She is not held down to one particular look, as she easily embraces colorful designs as well as monochromatic ones. By working with textures, layers, and scales, Patricia surely finds a way to use these bold looks to her advantage in an elegant and timeless way.

Looking at her work, you will see a tremendous difference in their styles. One design is colorful yet tranquil, while the other design, although mostly decorated in white, is much more energetic and lively; such a look can be difficult to attain as colors usually energize a space while neutrals tend to work the opposite way. Also, notice the lack of artwork; it’s not apparent at first because Patricia is skilled at using decorative pieces, but when looking closely you’ll notice that - besides for the floor art - most of the artistic touches come from throw pillows, carpets, plants, lighting, and even geometrical wall decor.

Baker Knapp & Tubbs

Baker Knapp & Tubbs is one of my favorite furniture lines. Although this company expertly crafts furniture to fit a variety of styles, I often find myself loving their pieces when designing traditional spaces. Of course, they have wonderfully made traditional leather sofas, but they also offer similar items made from beautiful, luxurious fabrics, adding something unique to the well-known - even standardized - style.

Dining tables, chairs, cabinets, and chests found at Baker Knapp & Tubbs are also a perfect fit for traditionally styled homes. Consisting of high-end, dark woods, and regal patterns, these streamlined pieces are so elegant that they transform an ordinary piece of furniture into a room’s jewelry. If someone were to choose just one item from BKT to use in their home, that would be enough to alter their space, offering a refined look with its evidently high-quality elements.

Thomas Pheasant

Thomas Pheasant is another designer I follow, as it’s hard not to be captivated by his graceful use of color and ornate vignettes. He, too, shows flexibility in his designs, especially when it comes to color palettes, as he has a natural eye for color combinations setting the right mood for a space.

For example, the amazing orange color used in his kitchen design is stunning, yet I rarely see this hue used - especially not on its own. Burnt orange is often used in conjunction with Spanish designs, usually paired with yellows or browns, as well as Middle Eastern styles, coupled with vibrant reds. Here, though, you see this astonishing burnt orange as the primary color, with only a small use of brown detail.

Thomas’ attention to detail goes far beyond color scheme, as he is also ingenious with his decor and furnishings. From the unique lighting and perfectly placed vignettes, to the textile material and shape and scale of his furnishings, Thomas showcases incredibly thought-out designs time and time again. He knows exactly when to mix and match as well as when to keep items consistent.

Rose Tarlow

Rose Tarlow is without a doubt another go-to furniture designer for me, especially when searching for a piece that I know will spice up a home’s appearance while still keeping the look on par with the client’s style vision. Her line is made to fit any style, and works to beautifully and elegantly intensify a look.

Rose Tarlow began her career by adorning homes with unique antique pieces found from all over the world. Her notorious good taste came into full effect when she began her own furniture line over thirty years ago. Rose’s pieces are anything but average, as they honor talented craftsmen and artisans, as well as radiate a timeless, cultured sophistication.

This chic furniture line features everything from large furniture to textiles to accessories. With her designs having unique structures, patterns, and details, her exquisite pieces offer a rare style that most home furniture shops lack. If you are looking for home decor that is full of character and charm, complementing each and every design style, yet distinct enough to give a home it’s own identity, then Rose’s collection is a promising place to start.

Being a professional interior designer requires more than an exceptional design education and great project experience. It requires being inspired, by the best, so that one doesn’t reinvent the wheel. The field is evolving, and it is my pleasure to be at the forefront of its developments, helping to push it to new levels of sophistication and elegance.

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