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A Miami Design Worth Experiencing

Although I focus primarily on residential interiors, my team and I do select commercial projects - which is why it’s important for me to keep an open eye for inspiration everywhere I go

When I get asked about commercial design, most people want to know what type of restaurants and hotels I like most, and as I have already covered hotels in an earlier blog, I thought It’d be fun for you to take a look at one of my favorite restaurant designs: Mr. Chow.

Now, Mr. Chow has many locations - London, New York, Los Angeles - which are all gorgeous, but my favorite location is right here in Florida.

Just steps away from the beach, Miami’s gorgeous W Hotel houses Florida’s only Mr. Chow. A fine dining experience for all, with an exquisite layout, fresh yet luxurious color palette, and refined details that are much appreciated by its diners.

The interior is dressed in romantic golds, prominent blues, crisp whites, and classic woods, creating a rather sophisticated look while still retaining its Miami beach vibe with the abundance of natural light streaming through the floor-to-ceiling windows. There are a few accent walls, with subtle designs - almost mirroring the design of the 123-foot gold-leaf and Swarovski crystal chandelier. Designed by Michael Chow, the chandelier brings a stunning look to the restaurant. Anyone sitting inside will undoubtedly look up and gaze into the mesmerizing shimmers of gold and small, delicate pendant lights. It’s a bold statement piece that I absolutely love.

The outdoor seating area has just as much beauty as the inside. Although not as extravagant, with sleek, clean lines, light and airy fabrics, and glass tables and decor, an intimate and luxurious setting is still created. By not overdoing the design, mainly by keeping it simple and elegant, this Mr. Chow location was able to add a bit of sparkle with gorgeous lighting that gives the outdoors a whimsical feeling - almost resembling stars.

I love a restaurant that keeps the design classy while still incorporating a lavish ambiance. Many restaurant interiors accomplish such a look, but for me, Mr. Chow goes above and beyond by turning a so-called loud statement into something timeless and by turning subtle features into something unique and special.

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