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The One Stop Shop For Design

With the D&D Building’s Fall Market just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to let my readers know why New York City’s Decoration & Design Building is for everyone - from designers & decorators to new homeowners and DIYers alike.

Unlike many design showrooms these days, which have become more spread out and often located outside of the city, New York’s D&D Building is located in the heart of the city and harbors more than 150 showrooms representing over 3,000 manufacturers - all in one place. Having the top showrooms, all of which beautifully display the newest & most innovative design trends, in one place is not only efficient for the designer, client, or self-shopper, but it also provides the chance to see all of your options before making any important design decisions.

Although there are some showrooms within the D&D Building that are only open to the trade, most of them do, however, welcome in those who are browsing for their home, which can be extremely useful for those who are looking for design inspiration or just need a few hours of consultation, which the D&D offers.

Whether or not you plan on hiring a designer to entirely manage your project, most people benefit from some professional design help. And, with all the options for designers and DIYers on the internet, a lot of people turn to online resources for just that. But, if you are in the New York area and are looking for home furnishings, I highly recommend trying out this showroom approach as well.

Of course, we all love online shopping but there is something truly magnificent about feeling, seeing, and sampling home decor and furnishings in person. It’s also much easier to make design decisions for your home when you’re up close & personal - offering a clearer image of the size, color, and material that may end up as a part of your home. Not to mention, you feel as though you are in a real life home decor magazine! Gorgeous scenes, artistic displays, and endless options will not only give you design ideas but will also give you a chance to see what you haven’t considered at all! Showrooms often exhibit innovative and creative designs that magazines and websites can’t allow one to fully grasp, such as the exquisite beauty of Lapicida’s luxury furniture made from internationally-sourced, recycled stone. Who wouldn’t want to see reclaimed French tile that’s been turned into something completely new?

NYC’s D&D Building is the perfect place to find design inspiration as well as unique pieces for your interiors. Beautiful, efficient, and unlike any other design building, you won’t want to miss your chance to browse or shop like an interior designer the next time you're in New York City!

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