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High Point Market Fall 2016: Showrooms That Caught My Eye

High Point Market, one of the top go-to events for designers, recently just had its fall debut of the up-and-coming design trends! Leading designers beautifully showcase their newest furniture, accessories, decor, and artwork - sparking all of our imaginations and getting us excited for what’s to come in the following months of interior design.

It’s hard not to fall in love with every showroom, but as a designer who often chooses the unconventional route, I immediately fell in love with the vibrant and dramatic showrooms, often exhibiting bold colors, patterns, and textiles.

Here are some of my top designs from High Point Market Fall 2016 that are fearless, intriguing, and fascinating:

This Duralee setup caught my attention instantaneously. Not only was I drawn to the gorgeous blush rose sofas, but the velvet fabric intensifies the whole look - almost as if blush furnishings should always be paired with velvet! With the focal point being the luxuriously feminine pink sofas, the rest of the space is complemented with a vibrantly striped third sofa and other neutral furnishings and accessories. With the amount of color and pattern in one place, Duralee does an outstanding job keeping the colors harmonized and making it easy and ever-so pleasing on the eyes.

This design by Castelle Luxury Outdoor consists of both powerful and subtle statements. The earthtone color palette gives the space a calm aesthetic, while pops of organic textures dramatize the entire design. What first stands out is the green patterned wallpaper. But if we look closer, it’s obvious that the bold accent wall is also represented throughout the room’s decor and accessories. From the exotic shape of the plants to the spherical pendant lighting, the room comes together seamlessly.

Who wouldn’t want to have an interior like this Joanie Design setup? Classy, sassy, and fearless, this design showcases beauty from top to bottom. The modern take on chintz is seen from the exquisite wall mural, throw pillows, and, of course, fresh flowers. To harmonize the chintz theme, a neutral beige sofa softens the bold patterns, while gorgeous, solid mustard-yellow and fuschia further represent the mural. Lastly, vibrant blue and chic black-and-white are cleverly used to off-balance the mostly uniform design. Beautiful!

Take away the patterned wingback chair, throw pillows, and artwork, and you are left with a classic, timeless design. The talented Ambella Home synthesized the elegant look with today’s color trend, creating this exciting, flawless design! The patterned furnishings really take this design to the next level, offering a look that is not only interesting but cheerful. What I love even more than the funky patterns and vibrant colors is the versatility - this room really can morph into any other style with just a few minor tweaks.

Exhibited in this Vanguard Furniture showroom is the perfect balance of solids and patterns with vibrant colors and cool earthtones. A classic plaid-like ottoman pairs perfectly with the grey chairs, blue sofa, and throw pillows, whereas the mustard yellow adds a vibrant, but balanced, pop of color. The peaceful color palette beautifully mixes together through the decor, artwork, and furniture.

Warm, fall hues adorn this vibrant showroom, by Natural Curiosities. The eggplant and brick colored sofas, rustic woods, and regal persian rug set the mood, creating a warm, cozy, and colorful interior. Although the color palette is astonishing, it’s the skilled layering that’s most impressive. From the tufted, velvet furniture to the gallery-style setup of their Pignier Collection, there’s something unusual and engaging at every level of the room.


I am so thankful to all the designers who have put in endless hours of work to bring us this fall’s High Point Market. The designs never fail to impress and it’s invigorating to see such innovative and daring designs popping up throughout the design industry.

Let me know what your favorite showrooms were!

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