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Area Rugs: To Splurge Or To Save?

It’s not uncommon in interior design, just as it is with fashion, to splurge on certain items and save on others. And of course, during any redecorating phase, this question comes up quite often: should I splurge on this and save on that, or vice versa?

In this day and age, with websites and apps galore, it’s pretty easy for both designers and DIYers to find major deals on the items they love, but, if you were to ask me what is the one item that should rarely, if ever, be bargain shopped for, I’d have to say area rugs.

Whether using an area rug as the foundation of a room’s color scheme or as a way to tie all the colors together, finding a high-quality piece will make all the difference. Here’s why: you really do get what you pay for.

Unlike some home items, such as side tables, coffee tables, and decor, which can all be functional and stylish even at a lower price; rugs are significantly different. As a textile, the quality of material, color, and texture come into play- but as a fabric, often being used-and-abused by our feet, it’s important to choose a rug that can handle that kind of wear-and-tear and still look magnificent for years to come.

Here are some of my favorite area rugs that myself and others have used:

In our interior design, we loved the neutral color palette of the space, but knew we needed to spice it up with a bit of texture. After integrating the layered window treatments and plush throw pillows, our last touch was the gorgeous cowhide rug. The material of the hide offers a multi-color feel, preventing the beige from feeling repetitive.

This design of ours is not only exciting to the eye, but also exhibits how color can be tied together in the utmost intriguing of ways. The area rug in this bedroom not only pulls together the blues and greys from the wallpaper and curtains, but also the remaining colors throughout the whole room. The chocolate brown headboard and coral home decor are both perfectly captured in the rug, turning a colorful design into a cohesive one.

For this design, we actually based the whole color palette on the area rug. The gorgeous yellow, grey, and pink furnishings look seamless atop the artistic area rug; but to prevent any monotony, we ensured to mix and match different patterns and saturations together.

Not all area rugs need to be rectangular, and this Malene B rug proves just that! In a room filled with earthy woods, soothing blues, and cool greys, this rug is a perfect choice. Not only does the circular shape add something artistic and interesting, it also ties together the blues while adding a burst of luscious green to the space.

In a room of soothing earth tones, this black and white striped rug adds texture and depth. This Madeline Weinrib area rug promotes an unusual but perfect contrast to the rustic woods, mustard yellows, and calm beiges, as the different levels of stripes form a pleasing visual effect and allows equal attention to go towards the rug and furnishings.

A vintage Berber rug keeps this chic space neutral, yet adds just the right touch of pattern and texture to keep the clean design interesting. The beige hardwood floors, although not offering much contrast, enables the rug and other complementing soft furnishings to take front and center stage - allowing for an effortlessly warm, welcoming, and cozy design.


The power of an area rug is limitless. They can transform a whole room on their own, blend in or contrast with complementing furnishings, tie your favorite colors together, or be the inspiration for the design itself.

When choosing your rugs, it’s important to go with higher quality than to save a bit of money. High-end rugs get more beautiful with age, have a much longer life expectancy, and are a priceless addition to any home.

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