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Why I’m Thrilled “Greenery” Is Pantone’s Color Of The Year 2017

Interior Designer Tampa FL - Crespo Design Group - Greenery Blog Post 1

This month, Pantone officially announced its Color of the Year as “Greenery” - a strikingly vibrant and zesty hue of green. As someone who lives in Tampa, where luscious green palm trees create a backdrop to both the metropolitan area and the beaches, this nature-infused color could not be a more perfect, versatile choice for interior design.

From chic urban to rustic farmhouse designs, greenery has a place has proven to have a place in everyone’s heart. To celebrate 2017’s Color of the Year and the symbolism it brings along with it - balance, vitality, growth, progress, and so much more - I have gathered some of my favorite ways to integrate this feisty yet calming color into your home this year!

Subtle Details

The addition of greenery can be as subtle as a few lively houseplants or as powerful as a show stopping tile mosaic. Adding a touch of greenery to your home will instantly brighten up and energize your home.

Although greenery is a vibrant color, it is quite versatile, adding tranquility to boldly patterned rooms or giving life to neutral or monochromatic ones. In this interior design, full of blue and white paisley prints, the artwork breaks up any monotony while still acting as a seamless transition to the cool blues.

Tampa Interior Designer - Crespo Design Group - Greenery Blog Post 3

For a quick yet timeless addition of Greenery, turn to the real thing! Houseplants are one item that will never go out of style, so if you want to keep your neutral colored interior soothing, placing some large, bright green plants throughout the home will add a powerful statement while remaining effortlessly nonchalante. Bold, Beautiful Statements

Interior Designer Tampa - Crespo Design Group - Greenery Blog Post 4

A gorgeous color scheme of greenery, brown, gold, and cream never fails to create a down-to-earth, peaceful look. However, with the so-called subdued coloring, opt for an exciting textile to really make your greenery accent pop! Nandina Home integrated sultry velvets which offers an exciting and moody aesthetic to this dream-like bedroom.

Interior Designers Tampa - Crespo Design Group - Greenery Blog Post 5

Classic black and gold is transformed into a modern Goddess while still maintaining it’s timeless style. If you’re interior is more on the elegant, posh spectrum, don’t shy away from Pantone’s choice of Greenery, as it adds a strong burst of character while making the other design elements stand up and stand out!

Go Big Or Go Home

Tampa Interior Designers - Crespo Design Group - Greenery Blog Post 6

Houseplants are a great start, but if you live life on the dangerous side, then creating a full-on outdoor feel in your interior might be more your forte. Not only does this pay mega-tribute to Mother Nature, but as plants are not a furnishing nor a decor item, it’s extremely hard to go wrong with this addition of Greenery since it blends in (yet still stands out) with whatever your current color scheme might be!

Tampa Interior Design - Crespo Design Group - Greenery Blog Post 7

If you know in your heart of hearts that greenery is your color, showing this hue off with something more permanent might be the right choice for you. Complement your zesty, green walls with similarly vibrant colors and bold prints or tone it down with crisp whites and minimalistic, modern furnishings.


As we look forward to a new year, it’s only appropriate we celebrate it with a color that represents new beginnings. And, to quote Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, Greenery provides us the “reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment...Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another, and a larger purpose.” A perfect color choice for the uncertain but hopeful future we have ahead.

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