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5 Tweaks To Refresh Your Home Design

Do you feel as though your home could do with a little pick-me-up? If you’re not ready to commit to a full home renovation, or even just a one-room redesign, you won’t want to ignore these little changes that make a big difference.

Through colors, textiles, fabrics, and more, these five decor changes will bring a new and refreshing look to your home - without breaking the bank or needing to hire a contractor!



Interior Designer Tampa Crespo Design Group Feb 9 2017 Blog

Tampa Interior Designer Crespo Design Group Entryway 2 Feb 9 2017 blog

Greet guests with an artistic touch! When you walk into a home, one rarely wants to be met with bland walls and dark lighting, which is why it’s important to make a lasting impression in your entryway.

Adding art to your entrance can be through wall art, area rugs, artistic figures, displays, and so on. However, I often opt for a showstopping area rug and some wall art, keeping the space clutter-free, open, and welcoming. Whichever way you decide to add art to your entryway, remember to make sure it complements the lighting and creates a cheerful and inviting atmosphere.

Dining Room

Interior Design Tampa Dinning Room Feb 9 2017 blog

Interior Designers Tampa Crespo Design Group Dinning Room 2 Feb 9 2017 blog

Spruce up your seating arrangement and transform the whole look of your living room. I love the look of dining benches, especially paired with more traditional seating. A bench just oozes a feeling of “the more, the merrier,” making it extremely workable when having larger-than-usual dinner parties. Plus, easily change your dining room’s color palette by changing up the bench cushions!

If a bench is a bit too relaxed or you aren’t ready to give up that back support, dining sofas are also a fun way to add visual interest to your table. Keep the fabrics classic and elegant or vibrant and patterned - either way, you’ll impress all of your guests with this extremely comfortable, intimate, and charming look.

Living Room

Interior Decorators Tampa Crespo Design Group Living Rooms Feb 9 2017 blog
Nandina Home & Design Living Room

For a quick and effective way to freshen up your living room, try going bold with your textiles! As grey takes a backseat this year, reupholster some (or all) of your neutral-toned chairs, sofas, and pillows. Nothing beats a crisp, colored sofa this season, as this look adds a strong sense of edge and intrigue and works beautifully in eclectic, contemporary, and modern designs.

If reupholstering your larger furnishings is too much of a change for you, then have some fun with the smaller, more versatile textiles and fabrics - create an accent wall with some exciting wallpaper, select some colorful, floor-length drapes, or spruce up your art collection with a new and captivating art piece.


Tampa Interior Designer Crespo Design Group Bedroom Feb 7 2017 blog

Image: Design Directives

Update your fabrics & make your bed the focal point of your bedroom! Nothing beats a showstopping headboard. With headboards being a must-have, they are quite accessible in pretty much any price range. However, if you want to go the extra step, a custom headboard will create that personalized look that a bedroom should have. Whether you want to go light and feminine, as I did with this Los Angeles bedroom, or artisanal and rustic, like the above Design Directives’ design - adding this luxurious bedroom feature is a sure-fire way to add some oomph back into the most important room of the home!


BEVERLY HILLS CONTEMPORARY Bathroom - Crespo Design Group

As far as bathroom changes go, swapping out your old sinks for new ones works wonders. Sinks aren’t just sinks anymore, but are now used by many designers to enhance the style of the space or create a statement piece. The type of sink you choose will depend on the overall design of your vanity, but they are relatively easy to change and work as a simple, yet noticeable update. Intriguing shapes, mosaic tiling, and gorgeous new hardware are just a few of the beautiful options you’re sure to find and love!

Enhancing the aesthetic of your home doesn’t necessarily mean you need to renovate. In fact, starting with small, versatile pieces often helps the homeowner see more clearly what home elements actually do need contract work (you know, those rooms that just aren’t working functionally or aesthetically no matter what you try). The five updates I’ve listed above are changes anyone can make, and won’t get in the way of later renovations or professional interior design services. If you aren’t thinking of renovating at all, and a few minor changes is all your home needs, consider contacting a professional interior designer or decorator for guidance that is sure to save you money in the long run.

Have fun changing up your home and let me know how it goes!

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