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Palm Beach Contemporary: South Florida’s Art, Design & Fashion Event

Palm Beach Contemporary, the art, design and fashion expo is just around the corner! It runs from March 10th to the 12th. As an event that brings over a hundred of the world’s most skilled artists, glass blowers, fashion designers, and craftsmen, it is a unique opportunity to discover limited-edition furniture, home decor, accessories, artwork, and jewelry- the components of great interior design.

Here are a few of the unique designers and artists to keep an eye out for!


Nandina Home & Design Decor

Stacey Lee Webber - handcrafted copper decor and jewelry that utilizes the beauty of coins. I’m thrilled to take a look at her collection and finding some hand-crafted, timeless copper additions for my clients!

Lucy Bergamini - Exotic glassware with an Asian-inspired design. Lucy’s exquisite glass blowing is definitely an interest of mine, especially for adding those small but important details to a design - such as one-of-a-kind wine glasses!

Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors

Allen Davis - Gorgeous organic woods always have a place in the home. Allen’s stunning woodwork would quickly offer a strong, artistic sophistication to those practical household elements, such as storage baskets.

Charles Savoie - An expert in traditional Italian glassblowing techniques, Charles creates some of the most magnificent goblets on the market. Whether using these for a lavish dinner party or as an Italian-themed decor, you will want to show off these masterpieces!


Annie Spratt Furniture

Earl Nesbitt - Beautiful, durable, and contemporary is how most describe the work of craftsman Earl Nesbitt. His woodworking skills reflect those of an artist, adorning homes with top-quality, artisan furniture that will last a lifetime and age gracefully.



Kate Beck - Kate Beck’s naturally dyed shibori textiles are a dream. Light, flowing garments that are balanced out with dark and bold statements in the fabrics. These textiles will probably spark some design inspiration!



Bongsang Cho - Textured metals merged with rich, passionate colors of jewels. Bongsang’s jewelry and metalwork are influential in design, from abstract artwork to metallic color schemes to textile inspiration.

Don McCoy - I can’t wait to check out the vibrant gems by Don McCoy. Aside from being beautiful accessories, McCoy’s designs and color selections are perfect for reflecting a Florida oceanfront home. These jewels illustrate the beauty of the whimsical ocean life - something that we often express in our interiors.


Palm Beach Contemporary brings together an exciting group of skilled artists and craftsmen, with almost all of their items being limited edition. If you’re looking to add rare, high-quality decor, furniture, and artwork to your home, I recommend making your way to this beautiful event! There will be over 100 artists exhibiting their work, so take your time and enjoy all of the artistic diversity!

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