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My Favorite Rooms For Wallpaper Decor

Wallpaper has become one of today’s biggest design comeback stories - turning an 80’s don’t into a 2017 do - embellishing some of the highest-end homes, today. If you follow my interior designs, you’ll see I’m a huge fan of this versatile textile. I love finding new and exciting ways to add texture, layers, patterns, and accents into homes, and wallcoverings have been a consistent success in doing just that.

For the past (almost) two years now, we have seen wallpaper and wallcovering grace the many extraordinary designs showcased in magazines, showrooms, and TV shows. But, I thought it would be useful for those who are still unsure about this wall decor, to present a few of my favorite rooms to begin a wallpaper journey (plus some bonus rooms and patterns to try out)!

Powder Rooms

Interior Designer Tampa | Crespo Design Group | Powder Rooms - March 1, 2017 blog 1

Tampa Interior Designer Crespo Design Group | Los Angeles Ladys Retreat | Powder Rooms Blog 3-1-2017

Moneca Kaiser Design Build Houzz | Crespo Design Group Blog 3-1-2017

Powder rooms or small guest bathrooms are a perfect place to start experimenting with wallpaper. These areas aren’t often filled with decor and their simple designs make it easy (and necessary) to intensify the look. Not only does wallpaper add a magnificent statement, it also adds depth and texture - something that can be tricky to add in a compact space. And, wallpapers can be used to enhance regional characteristics, as I’ve done with nature themes that fit the Florida waterfront homes of my clients.

Master Bathrooms

Interior Designer Tampa | Crespo Design Group | Master Bathroom Blog 3-1-2017

Nandina Home & Design Houzz | Crespo Design Group Blog

Tampa Interior Designers Crespo Design Group | Los Angeles Ladys Retreat | Powder Rooms Blog 3-1-2017

An impressive choice of wallpaper will also go the distance in showing off your unique style in a master bathroom. These larger bathrooms are often where we spend time getting ready for the day, so eye-popping and cheerful designs, tastefully placed on the wall, will create an extra boost in your step!

Nature-inspired prints are popular in both small and large bathrooms. Florals, animals, and trees will effortlessly add that extra energy into your interior where you and your guests may least expect it!

Media Rooms

Interior Decorator Tampa | Beverly Hills Contemporary Media Room | Crespo Design Group Blog 3-1-17

Interior Decorators Tampa | Crespo Design Group | Home Theater | Blog 3-1-2017

Getting that perfect dark and cozy feel to a media room can be tricky. However, using a moody wallcovering will instantly give your home theater that intimate setting and set the tone for those comfy nights in.

Media rooms are another great starting point for wallpaper, especially for those who don’t necessarily want a bold design constantly on display. Install a dark-hued motif in your home theater, this will encourage an atmosphere for mysteriousness and intrigue.

Bonus Rooms - For Those Feeling A Bit More Daring!


Upscale Interior Designer | Crespo Design Group | Tampa, FL | Bonus Room | Blog 3-1-2017

Upscale Interior Designer Tampa | Crespo Design Group | Tampa, FL | Bonus Room | Blog 3-1-2017

Dining Room

Interior Designer near Tampa, FL | Crespo Design Group | Dining Rooms Wallpaper Blog 3-1-2017

Show your design enthusiasm in greater areas of the home, such as your living room, dining room, and bedroom. Your choice of wallcovering can be as bold as a graffiti-themed design or as subtle as a dainty grasscloth texture. The choices have truly become unlimited, and adding your favorite print as a one-wall feature or full-room eye-catcher has never been easier.

With personal style being a key point in today’s interior designs, many designers are choosing wallpaper and wallcoverings, as they are easily customized to fit exactly their clients needs. Aside from adding a sparkle of individualism, such wall decor also acts as a great way to add in larger scales and precise details that other textiles and paint just cannot compete with. So, if you’re looking to add a wow-factor to your home, try out adding a wallpaper accent wall!

Here are some of my favorite patterns I’d love to see on your walls:

- Boteh

- Chinoiserie

- Palmette

- Moroccan Trellis

- Toile De Jouy

Enjoy your wallpaper experiment and let me know which pattern you chose to work with!

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