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March Design Trends & Decor I’m Loving

With Spring officially starting this month, I have been more than eager to get a head start on my go-to list of spring infused decor! From what I’m loving on the walls to certain styles I can’t wait to see more of, I’ve collected my top 5 interior design must-haves for March!

Personalized Wall Decor:

Interior Decorator Tampa | Crespo Design Group | Los Angeles Ladys Retreat 3-14-17
Tampa Interior Decorator | Crespo Design Group | beach-style | 3-14-17 blog post

Unique wall art that goes beyond a two dimensional art piece is one of my favorite elements to include in a design. 3D wall decor has no limits, as these can be basically any object you want to showcase! From beautiful plate displays to exotic mirrors to vintage hat collections, wall decor comes in so many varieties yet can often be left out in exchange for artwork.

While wall decor is nothing new to interior designs, what I’m loving right now is how designers are using them to express their clients’ unique lifestyles and interests. This design feature works especially well in small homes and with minimalistic designs, as wall decor adds texture and beauty without taking up any space!

Home Bars

Tampa Interior Designers | Crespo Design Group | Home Bars - 3-14-17 blog post

Tampa Interior Designers | Crespo Design Group | Home Bars - 3-14-17 blog post

Ring in the new season with something everyone can appreciate! Whether you love a good whiskey on the rocks or just love the aesthetic appeal, home bars are a perfect addition for the Spring! Complement such a space with fresh flowers, vibrant textiles, or sophisticated antique pieces - there’s no mood a home bar can’t set, from adding opulence to your home library to creating a refreshing and celebratory focal point in your living area.

Create your own bar space using a bar cart or unique table set-up. If you have a built-in wet bar, give it a bit of an update with some fun upholstered seating, unique lighting, or a conversation-starter bar display.

Acrylic Furnishings

Interior Design Tampa | Sarasota | Orlando - Crespo Design Group - Acrylic 3-14-17 blog post

Interior Designers Tampa Florida - Crespo Design Group - Acrylic - 3-14-17 blog post

I have seen a huge surge in the use of acrylic lately, and I could not be happier! Not only is it visually intriguing, but because of it’s thermoplastic elements it is one of my most easily customizable materials. Acrylic furniture can offer a sense of whimsical and dreamy, sleek and modern, or clean and contemporary - working especially well in small spaces. The transparency of acrylic creates the illusion of a furniture piece barely being there, adding it’s own unique look while staying “behind-the-scenes.”

This is a favorite for me right now, especially for spring as the subtle glisten it creates, especially when hit by the sunlight, produces such a clean and luminous touch!

Chinese Garden Stools

Interior Design Firms Tampa | Sarasota | Orlando - Crespo Design Group - Chinese Stools - 3-14-17 blog post

Interior Design Advice Tampa - Crespo Design Group - Chinese Garden Stools - 3/14/17 blog post

Garden stools are an incredible decor item that most designers love because of their versatility. As a glossy, ceramic piece of art - these items not only add a strong burst of color and/or pattern to an interior, but can seamlessly work their way into any room as a side table, night stand, or extra seating. Being an indoor/outdoor piece, these are easily snuck into any spot - allowing yourself to get creative. One of my favorite (unique) uses for garden stools is in the bathroom; add an extra surface inside your walk-in shower or use them as a glamorous towel holder by your tub! You really can’t go wrong with these discreet yet powerful gems!

Green Bathroom Accents

Tampa Interior Designers - Crespo Design Group | interior-design-wyoming4 | 3-14-17 blog post

Tampa Interior Designer Enrique Crespo 3-14-17 blog post

With all the excitement over this year’s greenery, bathrooms might be one of my favorite spaces to see this gorgeous, natural hue. It’s refreshing look emanates the feeling of spring, offering a peaceful and nurturing environment to your home spa experiences. Rejuvenating greens look tasteful and cheerful in powder rooms and larger bathrooms, so no need to shy away from your favorite bathroom decor - larger pieces such as linen closets or painted walls will add a powerful punch to the overall look while houseplants (or even a green garden stool) will add a strong & complementary accent.

Spring time often triggers people to spruce up their homes, so I hope these five decor items have sparked some design inspiration and creativity in you! I know I cannot wait to begin shopping around for my spring projects!

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