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The Perfect Breakfast Nook

Breakfast areas are one of today’s most sought after design elements. However, for those whose homes aren’t already graced with a breakfast bar, this look can feel tricky to achieve. Luckily, breakfast nooks are now being introduced more and more - and as a look that is fairly easy to achieve (minimal renovations, if that!) my clients and I both love the creative, beautiful, and chic looks a breakfast nook can create.

If you’re one of those people looking for a way to introduce a relaxing nook in or near your kitchen, here are three ways to achieve it while having fun and integrating cheerful and innovative design elements.


Image via Betty Wasserman Art & Interior

Built-in banquettes are an obvious top choice, as they are customized to fit the home. Underneath storage and ample seating are a few of the extra perks, however if this area is your only dining space, then a banquette will compensate for any lack of a “true” dining room.

Large or small, banquettes are a great addition to a space. Custom upholstering and luxe pillows can transform any window or corner into full-fledged focal point. Whether you are looking to integrate a bright and eccentric look or a minimalistic and chic one, banquettes can easily exude a casual breakfast aesthetic as well as a sophisticated night time look. For example, a banquette that is light and airy during the day, with minimalistic features, can definitely be dressed more formally with the addition of a centerpiece and candle light!


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If you’re looking to create that banquette vibe without the permanence, this is where a settee comes in. Similar to banquettes, they can take up as little or as much space as you want and provide a soft and elegant look to an ordinary breakfast table. Offering a cozier experience than dining chairs as well as a gorgeous way of adding in visual intrigue, settees are a popular choice for clients who want to add a bit more trend, comfort, and personality to their breakfast nook.

For a bold look, integrate vibrant colors and interesting patterns through upholstered settees - this will result in some major pizzazz without adding too much noise to the overall space. For an elegant design, keeping it simple (solid, neutral colors) always works well, just remember to add a touch of texture, such as tufted upholstering.

Spaces Just For Two

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There are many reasons why some prefer smaller breakfast “nooks.” Whether you’re an empty nester, young professional, or just not a breakfast type - these small kitchen designs, even just to sip your coffee, can significantly increase your morning experience. Bar stools, modern chairs, or even a simple loveseat will take up minimal space, but still add texture, color, and luxury to your home.

Easily make the most out of a kitchen corner with a tall table and upholstered bar stools; these peaceful areas are perfect for smaller households and offer an easy breezy, fuss-free morning with all the comfort as a banquette or settee! If you want something more conventional, stick with a small (preferably round) table complete with vibrant but minimalistic modern seats, this look will stay out of the way but still add a punch of color to your kitchen.

If you want something similar to a settee, a small loveseat and small coffee tables will offer everything you want without needing to fill your space with larger furnishings. Two small tables can easily be combined to make a mini breakfast/coffee table, or placed on the ends of the loveseat when more space is needed.

Even if your kitchen isn’t rocking an island, peninsula, or breakfast bar, there are so many other unique and stylish ways to incorporate a casual space to enjoy your mornings at. Get creative with your prints, integrate indoor/outdoor fabrics, and make a space that suits your home and your lifestyle that will give you a place to relax before your busy day!

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