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Less Is More: Minimalist Bathroom Design Tips

Interior Designers Tampa | Crespo Design Group | May 7 2017 blog bathtub

You don’t need your bathroom to have all the bells and whistles to feel glamorous! In fact, sometimes less is more is the best route to take. Besides its soothing aesthetic, many people turn towards a more minimalist lifestyle due to downsizing, environmental consciousness, or swapping out mass produced furnishings with higher quality ones.

As someone who loves unconventional designs, I also love the look of a clean and uncluttered space - especially when it comes to the bathroom! Of course, a minimal design is easily merged with unique, creative, and unconventional styles - so if you also love a personality-filled space, rest assured that a minimal look will also work for you!

Here are a few of my favorite minimalist bathroom designs elements that will create a powerful presence:

Accent Walls

Interior Designers Tampa | Crespo Design Group | 5-7-17 blog contemporary-bathroom

Interior Designers Tampa | Crespo Design Group | 5-7-17 blog contemporary bathroom 2

Just because you’ve decided to go minimal doesn't mean you should forego an accent! Many designers and homeowners choose to add in a feature wall for a few reasons: texture, color, and contrast. While some love the look of crisp white from top-to-bottom, others want to respect the ideology of minimalism but don’t want to give up their personal concept of visual intrigue to do so.

Basically, if the overall design is clutter-free and “minimal,” don’t be scared to introduce an accent wall or another type of accent! However, as much as I love color - if you’re on the fence and are just looking for a bit of texture or contrast, opt for a cool or neutral color - these hues will blend (while contrasting) with the rest of the design.

Floating Vanities

Interior Desingers Tampa | Crespo Design Group | Blog 5-1-17 Floating Vanities 1
Interior Desingers Tampa | Crespo Design Group | Blog 5-1-17 Floating Vanities 2

Floating vanities will create the illusion of more space and prevent the feeling of bulkiness - a minimalist-must! This modern look also offers plenty of style and charm, allowing one to keep the remainder of the space simple and clutter-free.

Flat panel cabinets and glowing under vanity lighting will spruce up and glamorize a modest look, while still abiding by the rules of a minimalist mindset and design. If a bare, unstyled vanity is more appealing, dress it up with a modern sink and hardware.

Again, minimalism doesn’t mean colorless, so if you’re planning on introducing a large amount of color, such as my design above, a clean white floating vanity will anchor down the minimalist look.

Neutral Textiles

Interior Designers Tampa | Crespo Design Group | 5-7-17 Blog Natural Textiles 1
Interior Designers Tampa | Crespo Design Group | 5-7-17 Blog Natural Textiles 2

Going minimal also doesn’t mean going without those plush textiles and trendy seating areas we have all grown to love and appreciate. In fact, if a makeup vanity or lounge chair is what you want, then there is no reason to give that up just to achieve this look! However, to merge these additional bathroom items with your minimalist mindset, I suggest integrating light neutral fabrics along with tailored furnishings. A clean and uncluttered space remains the theme, so have somewhere to neatly store your makeup and other toiletries and try not to leave your clothes on your bathroom seating areas!

Nothing Extra

Interior Designer Tampa | Crespo Design Group | 5-7-17 Blog Nothing Extra 1
Interior Designer Tampa | Crespo Design Group | 5-7-17 Blog Nothing Extra

Compact bathrooms can be hard to design and decorate, which is why the minimalist approach works so well. Open showers or glass shower walls will expand the room, preventing a small space from looking smaller - or worse, feeling claustrophobic.

While there may not be room to install a full-fledged vanity or your favorite textiles, small-scale decor works wonders in compact bathrooms. House plants or decorative pendant lighting can enhance the aesthetic while keeping the room simply designed and minimal (without being too minimal). I love the subtle industrial look of these two bathrooms, a great style to choose if you have little to no counter space available.

There’s a lot of misconception on how a minimalist home should look - especially when it comes to our beloved home spas we call bathrooms. I hope, if you’re looking to minimise your home items (for whatever reason), you now realize that a minimalistic style doesn’t mean giving up the design elements you love most. When designing your bathroom with this look in mind, make sure it still represents you - the limits are endless when it comes to design and that includes minimalist designs as well!

Let me know how you’ve designed your minimalist bathroom in the comments below!

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