• Larry Witt

Stay Cool This Summer With Blue

The wondrous weather of the summer is upon us. The heat is building and it is getting nicely accented by these wonderful rain showers. Even with the snowbirds having gone home, our beaches are still filled with us locals enjoying the passing sunny moments and the sensational sunset colors. As the sun builds in intensity, thoughts turn on making our homes more inviting for the inevitable home lounging that will happen during the peak sun hours this summer.

What better way to introduce a summer-centric interior than with the cool hues of blue. Blue interiors convey a natural calmness and laid back attitude; a perfect look for a summer home- especially a Tampa one! Whether you want to introduce this look into your home permanently or just for these warmer months, here are a few ways to cool down your home with classic and beautiful blue.


Add a powerful dose of rich cobalt or royal blue with an exciting wallpaper. Because wallpaper allows for imagery as well as color, I find these wall coverings much more exciting than regular painted walls. Go bold with your blue and choose an exciting theme along with it, I love the butterfly wallpaper in the powder room as it’s feminine but intensely cool.


Make your furnishings pop by painting or upholstering them in the blue hue of your choice. The amazing thing about blue is that it is extraordinarily complementary. I love pairing blue furnishings with beachy woods, crisp whites, and berry colors. If the background of your home is fairly neutral (white, gray, or beige) then a burst of blue will add some summery life to your home.


Quickly sneak some cool, pale blue into your home through textiles. Throw pillows, blankets, window treatments, area rugs, and so forth are all easy ways to add some summer to your home. If you want to go for a more luxurious look (and feel), opt for a textured material such as velvet, wool, knits, or linen.


Small accents can make big waves in an interior. If you want to go blue but also stay light on the color, slip this easy-breezy hue into your decor. Add this coastal look to your bedroom or through dining room pieces, such as some blue-printed tableware, cushions, or lighting. By going subtle with your accents, you’ll make each decor piece stand out even more!

Do you have some creative ways to bring summer into your home? Let me know your design tips for the warmer months as well as your favorite summer colors!

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