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Cow Hide: When A Classic Merges With Trendy

Interior Design Tampa | Crespo Design Group | Cow Hide June 2017 Blog Photo 1

Cowhide rugs have been a household staple for eons and they continue to be a popular choice among designers for more than just their unique aesthetic appeal. So what is it about this look that everyone loves?

Besides a number of benefits (which I’ll discuss later), cowhide rugs are surprisingly versatile; available in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and color combinations, they have something to offer for every design style. The rugged but elegant style complements country, urban, and modern interiors alike, aiding in their success as a design must-have.

It’s important to note that cows are not generally raised for their hide, but if you’re vegan (or just don’t like the thought of real cowhide in your home) there are plenty of high-quality faux options!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to add this look to a home, as well as the benefits that come along with this special material.

Living Rooms

Interior Design Tampa | Crespo Design Group | Cow Hide June 2017 Blog Photo 2

A cowhide rug adds instant luxury and texture to any living room. Whether or not you want to add a bit of natural beauty or just some edge, these uniquely shaped pieces will do just that. From looking effortlessly layered upon another carpet to looking glamorous on bare hardwood floors, if you’re feeling like your living room is missing something, try adding this beautiful accessory. The organic style mixes and matches extremely well with various color palettes, prints, and styles - so don’t worry too much about your existing living room decor as cowhide will almost always seamlessly fit in.

Interior Design Tampa | Crespo Design Group | Cow Hide June 2017 Blog Photo 3

The organic look and feel of a cowhide rug will instantly create a warm and intimate ambiance. Bedrooms are a top spot for these gems, which is why I love the look of them in a master suite. The integration of cowhide rugs can transform any bedroom seating area, giving it it’s own look and creating the perfect spot to unwind from a long day or curl up and read a book. Even with contemporary furnishings, the clean, tailored lines are only complemented by the natural curves of the rug.

Dining Rooms

Interior Design Tampa | Crespo Design Group | Cow Hide June 2017 Blog Photo 4

Want to keep your dining room simply elegant but unique? Adding a cowhide rug to your minimalist dining area can be the perfect touch. With just the right amount of color and texture, this ideal textile will create a trendy but timeless look. However, due to the shape, you’ll want to choose a thin rug so that chairs can move effortlessly.

One of the most practical benefits these carpets bring to eating areas is how ridiculously durable and low maintenance they are; you won’t need to stress if something spills because just some mild soap and warm water will clean it right up - ideal for stylish, stress-free dining!

Hallways & Landing Steps

Interior Design Tampa | Crespo Design Group | Cow Hide June 2017 Blog Photo 5

Not sure how to decorate your hallway? If you’re working with a large area or an awkwardly shaped space, cowhide rugs are a great choice. One thing I love about this look is how one of these gorgeous area rugs will create plenty of character on its own, without having to think about extra decor and accessories to fill out the space.

The overall look, feel, and long-lasting material of cowhide has established its strong grasp on the interior design world. Whether choosing faux or real cowhide, designers and their clients appreciate how durable, low maintenance, and hypo-allergenic these rugs are, as well as the natural aesthetic it creates - working for any design style.

Let me know what you think about the look of cowhide - Do you love it or hate it?

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