• Larry Witt

Designing A Luxurious Malibu Beach House

Not sure which direction to go in with your Malibu beach home?

Well, I have plenty to say on that. I get flown in to Southern California regularly for designing waterfront interiors. All of my years working on luxury waterfront homes in Florida has allowed me to build a name for myself in this speciality.

Your design direction is highly dependent on your personal style, of course, but through my experience I’ve found many of my clients opt for a relaxing style that’s flexible enough to add in bits and pieces that speak to their personality.

So before you get overwhelmed, just remember designing your amazing beach house should be fun not stressful, so here are a few of my design tips for an easy-going but sophisticated waterfront home. Just remember to hire a professional to pull it all together for you- the simpler looking the interior design, the more skillful the designer who pulled it together.

Start With A Neutral Base

Not only are neutrals a perfect foundation for any style, but light sandy hues are great for reflecting the beautiful outdoors. The soft earth tones are a perfect start for layering textiles and adding decor, and the fluid color palette creates a beautifully cohesive interior from the inside out.

You can see in this living room, we started with various hues of beige and grey-beige. This enabled us to bring in the powerful metallic accents along with bursts of aqua blue.

Dine Like You’re On Vacation

Dining areas are arguably one of the most important spaces when designing a luxurious atmosphere. Whether you like to host intimate dinners, throw a stylish cocktail party, or stargaze with a loved one over a glass of wine, I always like making my clients feel as if they’re in paradise - and that usually starts at the table.

For this Malibu home we designed two fully-functioning dining areas, one inside which is perfect for formal gatherings and the other outside for more casual but sophisticated get togethers. Custom furnishings really heightened the feel of luxury and glamor, with the artisanal candle chandelier and outdoor table with small storage spaces for your purse, phone, and wallet.

Keep It Cool In The Kitchen

Beach homes are all about the easy-going feel and as kitchens are often the first place we go to in the morning, it’s important to take in that relaxed, beachy vibe right away. Whether you go for a blue, gray, or beige color palette, try keeping your hues on the cooler side and the design minimal.

For this kitchen we wanted the breathtaking view to be the focal point so we used a very neutral palette of charcoal and metallic (with a touch of mercury glass). The consistence in color and materials ensured an elegant fluidity and when paired with rich hardwood floors was given just the right amount of contrast and natural luxury.

You’re home is your sanctuary and a beach home is just the place to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday stresses at the door. Whichever way you end up designing your interior, the most important aspect is that you feel relaxed and at peace. Hope you enjoyed these design tips, I’d love to hear how you’ve designed your luxury Malibu home!

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