• Larry Witt

Designing Your Luxury Tampa Bedroom

Whatever look you’re going for, it's most likely that you’ll want your bedroom to emanate a relaxing oasis. To help get you there, I’ve grouped together the essential guidelines for designing the luxurious master bedroom of your dreams!

Keep It Clean & Simple:

Many of the master bedrooms that I design here in Florida are oceanfront and on the second floor. In these situations, the beautiful waterfront view can steal the show. I often recommend a more simple design for such homes as clean, uncluttered bedrooms feel more spacious and promote restfulness.

When working in an understated style, I like to integrate high-contrast through colors, materials, and even a few patterns. The goal is keep the bedroom looking serene with just the right amount of furnishings to balance out the negative space.

Indulge In Your Favorite Colors!

Keeping a bedroom “clean and simple” doesn’t mean forgoing your favorite colors! Colorful textiles, wallpapers, and artwork are all smart ways of adding splashes of vibrancy and high energy without adding to bulk.

If color is your thing, start with your biggest visual effects (usually the area rug or wallpaper). Then, pile on the creativity! I’m not one to shy away from layered color or pattern, but it helps to keep an eye on scale and proportion and if you’re new to this, an easy rule for beginners is to stay within a color family. Learn the fundamentals to mixing and matching colorful patterns, here.

Customize Your Space:

If you’re thinking of splurging a bit more than usual on your bedroom then custom or higher-end materials is the way to go. Custom furnishings are most often designed to perfectly execute a certain design style or to add function, but they can also offer great comfort!

For one of my clients who owned a car dealership, they really wanted to accentuate their auto-themed artwork. With the help of custom pieces and special ordered paint colors, we were able to give them exactly the look they wanted - which would have been almost impossible if they weren’t willing to go the custom-route.

If you can’t go custom but still want the bells and whistles, integrate high quality fabrics through high thread counts, luxurious drapery, and large plush seating. Comfort, style, and function are the three key ingredients for a luxurious bedroom.

Bedrooms are sacred places and can be one of the most enjoyable rooms to design. No matter your style, aim for a tranquil flow that is present throughout and that supports both winding down and peacefully waking up.

For more design ideas for your Florida home, check out my Houzz Ideabook: Crespo Design Group - Luxury Bedroom Interiors

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