• Larry Witt

Stylish Outdoor Spaces

For some, summer isn’t almost over - it’s a year-round season with a few drops in degrees here and there. Florida and Southern California are most famous for this, but I’ve designed homes in the Caribbean where it also follows suit.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who isn’t preparing for shorter, darker days, now is the perfect time to spruce up your garden or patio and give it a touch of year-long luxury! Here are 3 of my favorite ways to add a little bit of luxe to outdoor spaces:

Colorful & Comfortable Pool Areas

The key word here is obviously “comfortable” but colors never hurt anybody! From subtle pops to bold color-centric designs, plush and durable outdoor textiles always look a bit more inviting when paired with some summer hues.

For a cohesive look, keep your color choices within the same color family. Bold neons should be paired with equally bold colors, as soft neutrals should be paired with other neutrals and cool tones.


Lounge areas, whether off in the garden or outside on a balcony, usually experience the most wear-and-tear. As the perfect place to lay back, drink in hand, with friends and family around, these areas need to be comfortable, inviting, and most importantly durable (from kids, pets, and weather).

Again, I love the use of bright cheerful textiles, but lounge areas can look quite glamorous in more monotoned hues as well. Crisp whites, stark blacks, and natural materials will create a more sophisticated feel, so depending on the look you’re going for, the sky's the limit.

Please don’t be tempted to use indoor fabrics outside! There are too many options for outdoor fabrics these days, so there’s no excuse to using expensive indoor ones. Outdoor textiles also last much longer and are better at keeping their original color, so keeping lounges looking pristine has never been easier.

Another rule of thumb is to make sure there is always a shaded spot to offer guests, most exterior lounge areas offer both sun and shade so everyone can choose what’s best for them.

Outdoor Dining

Outdoor dining is huge in warmer climates, so it’s not uncommon to see fully furnished outdoor dining rooms. However, depending on the size and location of the garden, patio, and balcony, we’re often made to work with what we’ve got. Larger spaces have much more opportunity, and with that, often comes higher design expenses. If cooking outdoors and being close to guests is important, definitely try to create a small kitchenette and bar area. These can range from very simple and compact to fully fledged kitchen designs.

If most of your hosting is done outside, then investing in a well designed outdoor dining and cooking area is probably worth its while. If eating outdoors is more casual, a good looking table, chairs, tableware, and adequate lighting should offer enough functionality.

Keep your friends and family coming back for more with a stunning garden/patio setup! If you like what you see but aren’t sure how to get there, give us a call today! We’d love to help maximize your outdoor living spaces! 813-831-0949

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