• Larry Witt

“In The Moment” - Behr’s 2018 Color of the Year!

With 2017 in it’s last few months, all the major paint companies are beginning to debut their 2018 choices for Color of the Year. Behr has recently announced their COTY as “In The Moment” - a green-blue with a pastel hint to it. This color is absolutely gorgeous and a great color for waterfront homes!

Here are some of the ways I’ve added “In The Moment” to interior designs!



In a bright and colorful design such as this one, I wanted to balance out the vivid green, bright fuschia, and green-yellow with a complementary color. The blue-green hue of In The Moment was a perfect choice, as it’s a natural and cool color, contrasting effortlessly with the rich greens.


We wanted to add a pop of color to this mid-century modern bathroom but didn’t want a bright color to clash with the modern look. We were inspired by the outdoors and the nearby waterfront, and decided that reflecting the beautiful Tampa beach was the perfect addition to this sophisticated bathroom!

Breakfast Nooks

We chose an “In The Moment” for this beachy kitchen/breakfast nook. The green-blue combination in the artwork and window treatments brings the bamboo and neutral woods to life! We love how versatile this color is in here, as it blends in with the lighter and darker tones in the painting and textiles.

Decorative Accents

While the metallic wall decor and side table are the main focal points, we wanted a subtle yet powerful burst of color. We opted for “In The Moment” glass decor as it offered enough contrast against the deep blue ocean but kept the overall style refreshing, cool, and beach-inspired.

Now that you’ve gotten your first glimpse at Behr’s 2018 Color of the Year, how are you going to add it to your home? If you’ve found inspiration from this blog, give us a call today - we can help add this 2018 color to your home! 813-831-0949

Good luck on your 2018 interior design adventures!

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