• Larry Witt

Elegant Dining Rooms For The Ultimate Dinner Party

Get Creative With Your Seats!

To maximize comfort and seating for large groups, mixing and matching furniture styles and upholstering looks & works well! Creative combinations of chairs will diminish the feeling of a boardroom setting & add a bit of character to a formal setting. I chose very different styles for these two dining rooms; one dressed in timeless black leather, perfect for a striking mid-century modern look, and the other in whimsical silver leaf textiles, ideal for a beachy and relaxed feel. Both designs consist of dining benches, and contemporary end chairs, which break up any chance of a monotonous design.

Add An Accent Color!

If mixing and matching isn’t your cup of tea, but you still want to add some major oomph, try bold accent colors. I integrated vivid colors through the seating in both of these interiors. From modern, vibrant green to feminine florals, both of these styles are fairly simple but have a powerful contemporary punch through their use of color. For a more playful look, find a unique art piece or lighting that will further accentuate your new colors.

Try Out A Banquet!

I absolutely love banquets for the immense versatility and trendy aesthetic they add. They work beautifully in smaller homes as well as secondary dining areas (as seen above). As far as adaptability goes, banquets are it. You can keep them minimal and intimate or enlarge them with additional tables and chairs. As for styling them? Play around with throw pillows and cushions -- you can easily decorate them for any occasion!

Hope these design ideas sparked your fancy and that you’re ready to decorate your home for the holidays! If you need additional help in getting your home party-ready, give us a call today! 813-831-0949

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