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Using Acrylic In Your Interior Design - As Seen At High Point Market

Acrylic was everywhere at this past High Point Market, and for good reason, too. This versatile and transparent material looks fabulous in a variety of settings and complements a wide range of design styles, so often an exciting & smart addition to a home going through a little re-design. If you’re looking to enjoy this special material in your own home, here are a few leading ways to add acrylic to interiors.

Entertainment Areas

Interior Designer Sarasota | Crespo Design Group | Dec 14, 2017 Blog 1
Interior Designer Sarasota | Crespo Design Group | Dec 14, 2017 Blog 2

Acrylic blends in really well with modern and contemporary interiors and ensures all eyes are on your gorgeous decor. I like to use acrylic in entertaining spaces, as it’s an unusual touch (well, up until now it has been) and is transparent enough to actually help a room avoid feeling cluttered or overwhelming.

Chic and almost invisible, acrylic never fails when it comes to merging function with style. From wall mounted shelves to discreet side tables, acrylic-made furnishings not only blend in with a room’s design, but are also a durable material that can withstand daily wear-and-tear as well as bring balance to an entire room.

If you’re living room, media room, or home bar is adorned in bright colors or big patterns, acrylic is a wonderful way to balance these bolder attributes. Their transparent style stands strong alone but will help keep the room from looking chaotic.


Interior Designer Sarasota | Crespo Design Group | Dec 14, 2017 Blog 3

Interior Designer Sarasota | Crespo Design Group | Dec 14, 2017 Blog 4

Although basically see-through, there’s no doubt that acrylic adds a powerful punch to a room. From looking unique and modern to light and whimsical, this material has no limits to the style it adds. Play it up or play it down, it’s a perfect addition to a bedroom large or small, colorful or neutral, bold or understated.

In bold bedrooms, I tend to use acrylic to tone down the vivid colors or patterns. Acrylic works great as a subtle side table, end-bench, or as in the examples above, a media table and desk. Barely showing, but we know it’s there, these acrylic additions complement the rest of the room while are intriguing enough on its own.

Kitchens/Breakfast Bars

Interior Designer Sarasota | Crespo Design Group | Dec 14, 2017 Blog 5

Interior Designer Sarasota | Crespo Design Group | Dec 14, 2017 Blog 6

I love the addition of acrylic in a kitchen and/or breakfast area - which I discuss a bit in these blogs on contemporary and mid-century modern design. Kitchens and breakfast/dining areas are places that, more often than not, we want clean, bright, and organized -- which is why acrylic poses the perfect solution. No matter the size, scale, or style of a kitchen - acrylic chairs and barstool keep the interior design looking exactly as you want - no extra clutter yet enhances the look and feel of natural lighting.

Acrylic is a great resource for maximizing the use of space in a home, especially in a kitchen or eating area. It’s one of the those unique materials that is adaptable to what the space is needing - from discreet extra seating to a special statement piece, I love seeing a dash of acrylic bring a kitchen to life as this is one of the most popular rooms in the home!

While acrylic presented itself in a number of styles at High Point Market, from subtle accents on tables and chairs to being the entire table and/or chair -- I recommend starting out small and learning when and where to add more prominent pieces of acrylic. Acrylic can look simply magnificent, but if you’re unsure how to use it, try out a smaller sample and see how the natural light and complementing furnishings look together before investing in acrylic for every room.

If you need help styling your home, give us a call today! We would love to help create a look you love: (813) 831-0949.

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